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Music information about Glenn Miller

The music audience today is far larger than it was in 1940. The technologies and methods of measuring audience metrics have also changed. It is not really possible to compare head-to-head the popularity of artists from one era to another based on gross singles/albums/downloads sales, radio station/streaming plays. For example, in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s not everyone had a device at home for replaying popular music. Most people listened to records played over broadcast radio or in public at a jukebox. Suffice to say, at least for me, Glenn Miller's greatness was sealed with over a 40% market share in the jukeboxes and his service to his country.

Glenn Miller had two music careers in one. First was his civilian career. Second was his music service in the military. Most people are not familiar with the “Superband” sound of his military career, because these works were the property of the U. S. Government, not making their way to general release in the music markets until decades later as special compilation releases. One of the purposes of this station is to keep the legacy of his work in the military alive and introduce it to a new generation. As he was freed of any record time limit, most of his works were played or broadcast live, as well as influence from record labels; these are the best versions of his works available. Please reference this excellent short biography linked here.

I am not going to try to walk between raindrops here. If you do not like or appreciate the historic relevance of Glenn Miller’s music — this is not the place for you — I should never have to apologize for playing his music.