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Feedback and real-time chat

Come chat with us, fellow listeners, make your requests, share opinions, leave a message. Now on IRC (Internet Relay Chat). IRC is also useful for your other interests as well. FabRadio has the IRC channel #fabradio hosted on the Libera.Chat IRC Network.

For the less technically inclined just click on this link to take you directly to the #fabradio chat channel on your web browser: https://web.libera.chat/?nick=FabGuest?#fabradio

Information on how to connect with your dedicated IRC client is here: https://libera.chat/

The chat channel is available 24 hours a day for general discussion — please see the channel rules about what is allowed.

You may also make your music requests/suggestions/dedications or if you would like to have your music played using the e-mail link shown below:

E-mail the Morning Show DJ: harry@fabradio.com